Materials used for construction are called building materials. Natural products like clay, sand, wood and some human-made products are used for construction. Building material and its quality are the most important aspect construction work. The type of architecture and the structure formed depends on the quality of building material used.The building materials in Dubai enhance the visual quality of any structure. Good quality construction materials provide visual appeal to the structure. 

Building materials- Importance

Importance of Building Materials can be identified by the following functions they perform:

  • Construction materials decide the visual quality and stability of the structure to be constructed.
  • Only by knowing the construction materials being used, the appropriate technique for construction can be decided.
  • Construction materials help to recognize the time of construction of a building.
  • Construction materials determine the budget of a structure.
  • Availability of the type construction materials determines the type of structure that can be made.

Building materials can be natural like mud and clay. Mud bricks and clay combined with straw can be used as construction material. Wet laid walls are made using clay or mud mixture. Clay provides thermal mass, and thus it maintains a constant temperature. Walls made of clay keep the room cooler as compared to other construction materials. Sand is also used for construction. Sand with cement or lime is used to make mortar for plaster. Wood is another important construction material used since ages. Wood is used as construction material in areas prone to earthquake.

Different types of materials used for constructing buildings

Man made products like cement and concrete are the modern day construction materials. Concrete is made by mixing aggregate and a binder such as cement. Concrete has low tensile strength and hence steel bars are used to improve its strength. Fabric, foam, glass, gypcrete are some other synthetic materials that can be used for construction.

Choosing a good building material in Dubai

From simple buildings to the majestic structures, construction materials form the baseee for everything. Apart from choosing the construction material, choosing the best supplier for construction material is also an important step. Choosing a good supplier helps you get the best quality materials at reasonable prices. Poor quality materials can lead to accidents that can cause loss of lives.

The building materials in Dubai enhance the visual quality of any structure. Good quality construction materials provide visual appeal to the structure. The building materials in Dubai highlight the theme and concept of architecture. The beauty of a structure depends on the relationship between endurance of a structure and its technical and structural aspects. Construction materials establish these relationships. Choose the best that is available on the market if you are looking to increase the durability of the building that you are constructing.Click Here for more information about building material


Pests infesting the place can cause great damage to your households, offices or gardens. They spread diseases such as rabies along with contamination of food and destroying homes. When not controlled, they can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, controlling such pests has become an extremely important process led to the rise of pest control in Dubai. It also helps in bird control in Dubai.

Pest control has two main types, namely, chemical and natural. Natural pest control makes use of organic and biological materials, and chemical process makes use of chemical pesticides. Both these methods help in managing the pest infestation. It is important to research well before you choose the best method for your premises, say especially for the pest control in Dubai.

Natural pest control methods

Natural methods are used to effectively eliminate pests without harming humans, crops, and other organisms. These methods employ natural and organic materials in controlling the infestation such as other organisms like plants or insects. In an agricultural environment, cultivating insects or small animals which feed on the pests is a common method. This method has no harmful effects on humans, pets or livestock, making it a favorable way to control pests.


  1. They do not harm the environment, people or animals.
  2. They do not emit harmful toxins that harm the ozone layer.
  3. They stay active for a long time which makes them cost-effective and environment-friendly.


  1. They take a long time to give results.
  2. They are expensive.

Chemical pest control methods

Chemical pest control methods employ chemicals and pesticides. This method is more effective in instantly eliminating pesticides than the natural method. They can be directly applied on the affected crops or can be air sprayed on all the cultivation. This method has harmful effects on both humans and animals nearby. Due to this, exercise caution while using chemical pesticides to keep the damages to the minimum.


  1. They are readily available in the market.
  2. They are comparatively easy to use and are less expensive.
  3. They give instant results right after application on the crop.


  1. They harm pests but also harm beneficial organisms that help the crop grow.
  2. They release harmful toxins which harm the environment and deplete the ozone layer.
  3. They enter the food chain and badly affect the health of people especially children and senior citizens.

Like any other city, Dubai also has a lot of pests. Different types of ants, flies, mosquitoes, termites, and rodents are there in Dubai, and this is the reason why pest control in Dubai is very popular. To control the infestation, National Pest Control is one of the most effective to be organizations in the city.

When it comes to cleaning windows in Dubai, biggest Challenge is to get rid of Dirty and dusty sills, grimy screens, Spotty, smeared glass and windows. This is the ideal time to get your windows sparkling, letting in maximum clean and natural light into your homes. Some useful tips to be follower are

  •         Wash windows only when there is no direct sunlight on them. They will dry too quickly and streak.
  •         All you need is dish cleaner. That is the thing that a large portion of the professionals uses. It is cheap and works great.
  •         Use lint free towel or dry paper towel on edges and any streaks and ensure all the water is dried quickly.
  •         Brush off the dust– running at the glass with the cleaner is the most fulfilling part. In any case, before you start, pull back the blinds or drapes, open the window, and investigate its frame, edge, and tracks for evident cobwebs and dirt. Clear the debris lying in the corners utilizing the little took care of brush that accompanies your dustpan. (Avoid this step as this loose dirt can adhere to your wiping towel and spread the glass.) Also helpful: a material wrapped screwdriver for flicking out dead bugs or difficult-to-remove gunk.
Window cleaning companies in Dubai
Window cleaning companies in Dubai
  •         Use a razorblade- Some wrecks on your windows must be expelled with a razorblade. The same store that sold you your other window tools, presumably offers a 4 inch scrubber for windows. Positively you can utilize any razorblade to expel junk from the glass, yet ensure that the sharp edge is new every time you utilize it in light of the fact that the littlest rust spots can damage your windows.
  •         Use a squeegee according to the window size- Squeegee rubber or elastic tape doesn’t keep going forever. Fortunately, it is twofold sided. A well used or old elastic sharp edge will leave streaks however they are intended to be both flipped over then supplanted, consistently at a cheaper rate.
  •         The system appears to have the various names such as twirl, super whirl, swing, or basically the “S” strategy to give some examples. the strategy includes setting the squeegee on the glass and controlling it forward and backward in a twirling movement until the greater part of the water is off the glass. Good luck in your trials. If you resign yourself to keep away from the blue juice and paper towels, ought to discover your cleaning venture to require considerably less time, as well as produce a vastly improved item.

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Curtains are one of the most important products of your room. Choice of the perfect curtain fabric must be made wisely with a fresh mind. It may be a time-consuming process since opinions and suggestions from others may vary. Since investment which you make in curtains is going to stay with you for a long term, so you should think twice before finalizing one.

Find some useful tips which can make your decision easy. Choose the perfect curtains in Dubai, which not only suits the décor of your room but is also perfect according to the seasons.

5 tips to choose the perfect fabric for your curtain

  •   Keeping sunlight in mind

For rooms, which are more prone to sunlight, choose thick quality curtains. The thick fabric of the curtains is going to prevent the sunlight from reaching your room directly. While for the rooms which are shady, choose light ones who ensure enough sunlight in the room and also maintain the privacy.

  • Privacy for bedrooms

For bedrooms, there is no concept of light and dark. Here, you need to keep in mind the privacy of the room. Choose such fabric, which ensures privacy and prevents direct sunlight as well. So, choose dark fabric which gives your bedroom a cozy and comfortable look.

  • Water resistant curtains for bathrooms

For bathrooms, again you need to keep few things in mind. The curtains you choose for your bathrooms must be opaque. And also choose a water-resistant fabric for bathrooms; otherwise, the normal fabric may get destroyed in some time. Water resistant curtains are perfect for bathrooms.

curtains in Dubai
curtains in Dubai


  • Never choose colorful ones

Do not experiment with the colors much, as the colors may fade with time. The colorful curtains lose their color after few washes. Direct sunlight also takes away the color of the curtains. So, be careful while choosing the colors. Colorful curtains may show inconsistent patterns after being washed.

  •   Be careful while choosing silk curtains

In case, you want to have curtains made of silk fabric, make sure that the curtains are not exposed to direct sunlight. Strong sunlight degrades the durability of the curtain which in turn tears off easily.

Therefore, keep the aforementioned tips in mind for long lasting and beautiful curtains. It has a broad range of different styles of fabrics of curtains. Along with curtains, they have a huge variety of curtain rods in Dubai from which you can choose the best ones according to your taste.


Along with other items for decoration, you can also use different sizes and varieties of mirrors to decorate your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal. There are many customized designs which you can also get, and Huzefa glass will provide you with one such variety which can instantly change the entire interior decoration of your rooms. If you are a resident of Dubai, and if you want glass partitions to be installed in your home, then Huzefa glass can find a glass partition in Dubai to decorate your bedroom or living rooms.If you put the mirrors in the right places, then they will not just reflect light, but they will also make your rooms look larger and spacious. In this connection, you can mix and match both traditional and contemporary mirror designs to suit the style of your interiors.

Glass partition in Dubai
                Glass partition in Dubai

5 common tips to decorate your room with mirrors:

  • It is important to position the mirror behind the light source: It is always suggested to place the mirrors behind the source of light. There can be various lights like pendant lamps, chain lights and bedside lamps, and to get the maximum intensity of the light, you need to put the lights behind the mirror.
  • You can create a mirror wall to accentuate the room décor: Instead of decorating all the walls with mirrors of different sizes, you can simply put a large mirror or a collection of different mirrors as a wall structure. You can also simply use multiple mirrors of small and medium size, and install them on one part of the wall, to create the effect of a separate wall. You can use antique mirrors, framed mirrors and also mirrors with frills and golden borders to enhance the decorative effect of the interior. 
  • If you do not have much space, then you can use a floor-length mirror: It is very important to place a floor length mirror inside your room, if you have a scarcity of space. There are many interior designers available, who can also advise you regarding the type of mirror that you need to install.
  • Install mirrors on glass tabletops to create an illusion of more space: You can install mirrors on table tops, or near the windows to make your room look larger and the things inside the room will also look more evenly distributed.
  • You can also use mirrors on bedsteads: To accentuate the look of the rooms, you can also use mirrors on the bedsteads.

There are many ways in which you can maximize the use of mirrors in everyday life, and for decorative tips and installation of partition in Dubai you can also go through books and manuals of home and interior designs.


Pets are always the most favored and loved partner in our life. They reciprocate much more love and affection than we give to them, due to this the urge of making them happy is always there in our mind, but due to lack of ideas we are unable to do the same properly. This guide will help you with creative ways to design your pet home.

The ideas of designing a pet home will depend on either your pet is staying at home or your pet has a separate home in your lawn or garden or inside.

  • Safe: – If you pet is having a separate house outside in lawn or garden, make sure that the house is safe for the from various factors like rains, heat or other like stray dogs or snakes or insects etc. Make sure to have the option to leash your dog near the house as you will not want for a searching trip early in the morning.
  • Comfortable: – As we all love comfort, our pets too and deserves also. While making or putting the house, check carefully that there are no sharp objects inside it like a nail or others and do regular checks. Put a comfortable rug inside the house  which is easily available at Dubai Pets food, the best pet shops in Dubai.
  • Use the Unused: – In your free time find out the places which are not at all used, like the place beneath the dressing table or cupboard. Instead of placing the rug on the floor, you can use that place as a sleeping zone for your pet. Like, make a fixed eating place fitted with the feeding bowl (Removable) for your dog in the unused places. Just get the best Dubai Pets food and pour into the bowl.
  • Things to avoid: – As we all know pets will obviously shed a lot of hairs, be cat or dog and they will also soil the house sometimes and scratch with their nails. Try having a hard surface at least in the pet occupied room. Choosing Stone, ceramic tiles or laminate flooring and even painted flooring is the best idea.
  • Pet Carpets: – You will find your pet lying on the floor at the maximum time of the day, that’s their best way to pass time and they love it. You also love it but can’t, what to do. So it’s suggested to get a pet carpet as it will be comfortable to them and also non-slippery. Avoid light colors and to strike a balance with the home décor use the same linen cover as it is in your sofa and chairs.

Always try covering the most favored place for your pet like the sofa or your bed with some dark sheets to avoid stains and damage. Although, these are just the luxury designing for your pet, the most important thing that they ask for is your love and affection and don’t forget to give them a lot.

Unmatched development and architectural advancements in a brief timeframe have empowered Dubai to end up the travel and business center point of Middle East. Stunning constructions Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa, and Palm Islands have made it one of the Top cities in the World. Most of the private and business interior firms across the globe have set up their own measures to enhance interiors of houses and business spaces to give agreeable design. Temperature and climatic conditions incredibly influence the design patterns of any city. Being situated on Arabian deserts temperature is high in Dubai amid the day and particularly in the summer.

Dubai is a blend of different societies. Individuals from all sides of the world visit this city for various reasons. Keeping Different Cultures in mind, Emirate’s engineers and interior designers plan the constructing and revamping private and business spaces without affecting the image of comfort and luxury associated with the Emirate. The fact is that patterns keep changing very often, but most of the people usually follow certain basic types of interior design themes with corrections and changes. Adjusting the basic parts like colors, lighting and furniture are done to maintain freshness in designs. Interiors of your home or office will effectively show the state of mind and personality of inhabitants. That is the reason it is important to decorate your house and office space in a way to create a positive image.

Architectural Advancements
Architectural Advancements

Designers give careful consideration on the ornamentation of their resorts, lodgings, estates, single-family houses and apartments to give a lavish way of life and enhancements to their customers. Business and retail outlets have additionally been enhanced to give best in class Feel. The truth is interior designing has turned into an industry in the city. Like different other commercial enterprises, interior design patterns are continuously evolving. Individuals follow the latest trends like fashion. Widely implemented interior design trends in Dubai are:

Classic Interior Design Theme – This is inspired by Greek and Romans.

Modern Interior Design Theme –This is evolved from Mid of Century.

paediatric dentistry Dubai

Teaching healthy habits to your kid during his childhood is going to stay with him throughout his life. Their baby teeth are undoubtedly temporary but these are responsible to pave the way towards the permanent teeth.

Hence, teach your baby proper dental hygiene so that they take care of their teeth throughout their life in the same way.

But people around the world have developed lots of myths about the teeth of their baby. However, these myths must be ignored for a happy teeth and good health. In case you want to research more on baby teeth, you can click here.

The myths about baby teeth which every parent must know

Here, you find a list of the most popular myths parents have about baby teeth. Go through them since it gives you an insight about how to take care of your baby’s teeth.

  • Since baby teeth are not permanent ones, they are not that important for the child

Not at all, although the baby teeth are destined to fall off at certain age, they are the placeholders of the permanent ones. The baby teeth are responsible to form a structure of the permanent teeth your baby is going to have. They act as guides to the new and permanent ones.

If your child loses baby teeth quite early there are chances of overcrowding or other problems with the permanent ones. So, be careful about the baby teeth also. They are the root to the permanent ones.

paediatric dentistry Dubai
Myths- Baby Teeth
  • Cavities in baby teeth need not be treated

This one is directly based on the first myth. People feel that baby teeth are not that important and hence it is not so important to maintain their cleanliness.  The cavities in baby teeth are not a big deal.

However, this is a huge myth. Cavity problems in baby teeth can be as problematic as cavities in permanent teeth. Cavity in baby teeth not only is painful and discomforting to a child but it also leads to problems in permanent teeth. Therefore, never leave any cavity untreated since it may lead to serious infections further.

  • Proper cleaning is not required for baby teeth

To ensure that the child’s teeth is cavity free brush their teeth regularly. The moment the first teeth of the child starts coming out, you must start brushing his teeth and teaching him ways to keep their teeth healthy.

  • Small ones cannot brush their teeth properly

Not always. Even if your child says that he can brush his teeth on his own, it is your responsibility to see whether the teeth are properly cleaned or not.

Parents must co-ordinate their child in brushing their teeth so that they learn it properly. So, supervise your child well for a healthy dental hygiene.

  • No need to take your child to a doctor until permanent teeth comes

Most of the parents have this misconception however the baby teeth also need to be shown to a dentist for a proper dental health of the child.


braces and dental veneers

Whether mild, with accompanying soreness, or severe, with unbearable throbbing pain in the affected tooth or around the jaws, toothaches lead to severe distress. Causes of toothache may vary from cavities, infection, an exposed tooth root, disease of the gums, a cracked tooth, a filling of the tooth which has come out loose to even disorders of the jaw joint. This leads to the pulp, which is the central region of any tooth, becoming inflamed and irritated giving rise to toothache.

  • Combating Toothache

Though the best option, if you have toothache, is to immediately visit your regular dentist, who might have already treated you with braces or dental veneer in Dubai, there are several home remedies which you can try for relief from the pain.

  • Clove Oil

Clove oil contains eugenol, which has local anesthetic properties. So clove oil has both numbing effect as well as remarkable bacteria-killing properties making it an effective agent to combat toothache. Dabbing a pure cotton ball in clove oil and applying it on the affected tooth brings relief. The oil stings at first but then provides you blissful relief from pain, which you desperately require at that time.

  • Whole Cloves

You can also use whole cloves for a numbing effect. Put a few cloves in your mouth, moisten them till they are soft, chew them so that the oil is released and hold the chewed and softened cloves against your painful tooth for half an hour.

  • Ginger

Powder together ginger and red pepper (cayenne). Take the powdered ingredients in a cup and make a paste with water. Roll the paste into a small ball of cotton so that it is saturated and then place the ball on your aching tooth. You can also try the spices separately.

  • Peppermint Tea

Drink peppermint tea, which in addition to its numbing effect, has a nice and pleasing flavor. Steep a teaspoon of peppermint leaves that are dried, in a boiling water for 20 minutes. Swirl the tea around in your mouth. You can either spit out the tea or swallow it. This can be repeated as often as is required.

veneers in dubai
  • Salt Water

Though salt water is not a long-term providing treatment, it is one of the safest home remedies for taking care of your aching tooth. Take a glass of warm water and stir in a teaspoon of salt into it. Rinse with the solution for 30 seconds and spit it out. Repeat it as often as you can. Rinsing with salt water helps to cleanse the area around the affected tooth from the bacteria or festering pus which is responsible for the swelling.

  • Tincture of myrrh

This astringent helps to overcome inflammation. Myrrh also has bacteria-killing properties. Take a teaspoon of myrrh in 2 cups of water and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain it and allow it to cool down. Rinse with a teaspoon of the strained solution mixed with half a cup of water. Repeat the process five to six times throughout the day for relief from the throbbing ache.

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

If your infection is accompanied by fever with a foul taste in your mouth, hydrogen peroxide can be used for temporary relief which can help kill the bacteria thereby providing reprieve from the discomfort of an aching tooth. Mix equal parts of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Swish your mouth with the mixture for 30 seconds and spit it out. Rinse your mouth with plain water several times after the process.

Though these home remedies can take care of your throbbing tooth pain, they are only temporary respites. Ensure that you visit your dentist who will be able to diagnose and find out the root cause of your toothache.

Interior designing is an opportunity to design the interiors according to your style and preferences. If you want a new and trendy interior for your office, house or building, you need a professional interior designer. A large variety of interior designer companies and office fit out companies in Dubai is available. Before hiring an interior designers Dubai you must take these steps;

  1. Get your design done. Decide the kind of interior you want. Check recent and trendy interior designs Dubai.
  2. Plan out your budget by visiting websites of some of the best interior designers in your town. Compare their prices and analyze the quality of their work.
  3. Start your interior designer hunt. Visit their websites. Check their portfolios. Check out all possible details before choosing one interior designer Dubai.
  4. One important step is to know your interior designer. Check all possible records and reviews. Try to get in touch with the people whom he has worked for. Always check if he is a licensed interior designer or not.
  5. Final step is to check the availability of your interior designer. Confirm when and how he can take up your project. Always remember to specify all details and requirements to your designer.

After hiring an interior designer Dubai, these are the certain things that you must tell him before letting him start on your interiors. It will make his work a lot easier and you will get what you want in the perfect manner.

  1. Likes and Dislikes:

The most important factor in your choice of interior designing is your likes and dislikes. These preferences shape your style. You must tell them to your designer before starting the renewal project. It will help your designer to understand your style and choices. Additionally, the designer will also be able to know what your main focus in interior designing is. Thus, he will design the interiors according to your taste.

  1. Color Preference:

Painting right color makes the interior of your house, office or building more impressive. It enhances its beauty. Therefore, telling your interior designer your color choices and preferences will let him know your taste. And he will customize the interior according to your taste.

  1. Ideas and Inspirations:

Every person has a different taste in interiors and designs his own interior decoration ideas. Always share your interior tastes and decoration ideas with your interior designer is inevitable to get the desired results in eye catching pattern. More details in our post here.

  1. Style Preferences:

Generally, designers do ask you about your style preferences because every person has personal preferences and choices. Therefore, you must inform the designer about your preferences in detail, it will make his work easier and your dream design achievable.

  1. Your Pocket Size:

Always keep your budget in your mind. You must tell the designer a precise figure. It will enable to get the desired results by doing proper adjustments within your budget.

Find out more tips here: