Today wooden flooring is being used in most houses because of the big bright look it gives. One of the most appealing features of wood flooring is its timeless beauty. So if you are thinking about wooden flooring, the parquet flooring is the best option.

Parquet flooring is a type of wood flooring which is made from small blocks or strips of wood. These wooden blocks are laid to create a regular and geometric pattern. Many of you may think that parquet flooring type is a great option for old fashioned or period homes. But this flooring type looks wonderful wherever it is installed. Moreover it has many benefits that can be explained by a specialist offering the services of parquet flooring in Dubai.

Let us take a look at the main benefits it provides.


A parquet floor is more stable and durable than any other solid wood flooring. This is because it is made of three layers of wood laid on the floor at 90 degree angles to each other, which reduces movement between them.

Appearance and appeal

Being made of wood, parquet flooring offers the same comfort and appeal that is provided by wood floor. It can be laid in beautiful patterns and colors to provide an interesting  appearance to the floor.

Easy to Clean:

Parquet flooring can be cleaned easily by sweeping and mopping. Moreover, this flooring type do not hold stains or absorb odors easily.

Budget Friendly

It is less costly than wood flooring. The expense however depends on the type of finishing required.

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Though Dubai is well known for its exotic beaches, skyscrapers, and shopping festivals has, it has hot climate and especially sizzling summers. Hence it is very important for the people living in Dubai to adopt inspirational interior decoration ideas to make their homes attractive and comfortable for Summers. Here are some hot summer design ideas from  best interior design companies in UAE.

Add colours
You can start decorating your house for summers by painting your interiors. Try using colors like Olive, Ivory, green shades, or other light shades. You can also try the summer sunset colors in your pillows, curtain panels and wall art to bring a calming effect in your indoors.

Lightening options
Add extra fun in the summer months pick up string lights vintage lamps or Tiki torches to add an element of fun to your decor. You can also add pendant lamps made up of natural fiber to add warm light and relaxed atmosphere.

Simple furniture
Try simple chair frames with pillows of nude colors, fine textures, pure material. You can also show your creativity by adding some handmade pieces of Art made of raffia palms to improve the look of the house. Remember not to fill the space with too much of furniture and allow the room to be spacious and airy.

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