Along with other items for decoration, you can also use different sizes and varieties of mirrors to decorate your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal. There are many customized designs which you can also get, and Huzefa glass will provide you with one such variety which can instantly change the entire interior decoration of your rooms. If you are a resident of Dubai, and if you want glass partitions to be installed in your home, then Huzefa glass can find a glass partition in Dubai to decorate your bedroom or living rooms.If you put the mirrors in the right places, then they will not just reflect light, but they will also make your rooms look larger and spacious. In this connection, you can mix and match both traditional and contemporary mirror designs to suit the style of your interiors.

Glass partition in Dubai
                Glass partition in Dubai

5 common tips to decorate your room with mirrors:

  • It is important to position the mirror behind the light source: It is always suggested to place the mirrors behind the source of light. There can be various lights like pendant lamps, chain lights and bedside lamps, and to get the maximum intensity of the light, you need to put the lights behind the mirror.
  • You can create a mirror wall to accentuate the room décor: Instead of decorating all the walls with mirrors of different sizes, you can simply put a large mirror or a collection of different mirrors as a wall structure. You can also simply use multiple mirrors of small and medium size, and install them on one part of the wall, to create the effect of a separate wall. You can use antique mirrors, framed mirrors and also mirrors with frills and golden borders to enhance the decorative effect of the interior. 
  • If you do not have much space, then you can use a floor-length mirror: It is very important to place a floor length mirror inside your room, if you have a scarcity of space. There are many interior designers available, who can also advise you regarding the type of mirror that you need to install.
  • Install mirrors on glass tabletops to create an illusion of more space: You can install mirrors on table tops, or near the windows to make your room look larger and the things inside the room will also look more evenly distributed.
  • You can also use mirrors on bedsteads: To accentuate the look of the rooms, you can also use mirrors on the bedsteads.

There are many ways in which you can maximize the use of mirrors in everyday life, and for decorative tips and installation of partition in Dubai you can also go through books and manuals of home and interior designs.


Pets are always the most favored and loved partner in our life. They reciprocate much more love and affection than we give to them, due to this the urge of making them happy is always there in our mind, but due to lack of ideas we are unable to do the same properly. This guide will help you with creative ways to design your pet home.

The ideas of designing a pet home will depend on either your pet is staying at home or your pet has a separate home in your lawn or garden or inside.

  • Safe: – If you pet is having a separate house outside in lawn or garden, make sure that the house is safe for the from various factors like rains, heat or other like stray dogs or snakes or insects etc. Make sure to have the option to leash your dog near the house as you will not want for a searching trip early in the morning.
  • Comfortable: – As we all love comfort, our pets too and deserves also. While making or putting the house, check carefully that there are no sharp objects inside it like a nail or others and do regular checks. Put a comfortable rug inside the house  which is easily available at Dubai Pets food, the best pet shops in Dubai.
  • Use the Unused: – In your free time find out the places which are not at all used, like the place beneath the dressing table or cupboard. Instead of placing the rug on the floor, you can use that place as a sleeping zone for your pet. Like, make a fixed eating place fitted with the feeding bowl (Removable) for your dog in the unused places. Just get the best Dubai Pets food and pour into the bowl.
  • Things to avoid: – As we all know pets will obviously shed a lot of hairs, be cat or dog and they will also soil the house sometimes and scratch with their nails. Try having a hard surface at least in the pet occupied room. Choosing Stone, ceramic tiles or laminate flooring and even painted flooring is the best idea.
  • Pet Carpets: – You will find your pet lying on the floor at the maximum time of the day, that’s their best way to pass time and they love it. You also love it but can’t, what to do. So it’s suggested to get a pet carpet as it will be comfortable to them and also non-slippery. Avoid light colors and to strike a balance with the home décor use the same linen cover as it is in your sofa and chairs.

Always try covering the most favored place for your pet like the sofa or your bed with some dark sheets to avoid stains and damage. Although, these are just the luxury designing for your pet, the most important thing that they ask for is your love and affection and don’t forget to give them a lot.

Unmatched development and architectural advancements in a brief timeframe have empowered Dubai to end up the travel and business center point of Middle East. Stunning constructions Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa, and Palm Islands have made it one of the Top cities in the World. Most of the private and business interior firms across the globe have set up their own measures to enhance interiors of houses and business spaces to give agreeable design. Temperature and climatic conditions incredibly influence the design patterns of any city. Being situated on Arabian deserts temperature is high in Dubai amid the day and particularly in the summer.

Dubai is a blend of different societies. Individuals from all sides of the world visit this city for various reasons. Keeping Different Cultures in mind, Emirate’s engineers and interior designers plan the constructing and revamping private and business spaces without affecting the image of comfort and luxury associated with the Emirate. The fact is that patterns keep changing very often, but most of the people usually follow certain basic types of interior design themes with corrections and changes. Adjusting the basic parts like colors, lighting and furniture are done to maintain freshness in designs. Interiors of your home or office will effectively show the state of mind and personality of inhabitants. That is the reason it is important to decorate your house and office space in a way to create a positive image.

Architectural Advancements
Architectural Advancements

Designers give careful consideration on the ornamentation of their resorts, lodgings, estates, single-family houses and apartments to give a lavish way of life and enhancements to their customers. Business and retail outlets have additionally been enhanced to give best in class Feel. The truth is interior designing has turned into an industry in the city. Like different other commercial enterprises, interior design patterns are continuously evolving. Individuals follow the latest trends like fashion. Widely implemented interior design trends in Dubai are:

Classic Interior Design Theme – This is inspired by Greek and Romans.

Modern Interior Design Theme –This is evolved from Mid of Century.

paediatric dentistry Dubai

Teaching healthy habits to your kid during his childhood is going to stay with him throughout his life. Their baby teeth are undoubtedly temporary but these are responsible to pave the way towards the permanent teeth.

Hence, teach your baby proper dental hygiene so that they take care of their teeth throughout their life in the same way.

But people around the world have developed lots of myths about the teeth of their baby. However, these myths must be ignored for a happy teeth and good health. In case you want to research more on baby teeth, you can click here.

The myths about baby teeth which every parent must know

Here, you find a list of the most popular myths parents have about baby teeth. Go through them since it gives you an insight about how to take care of your baby’s teeth.

  • Since baby teeth are not permanent ones, they are not that important for the child

Not at all, although the baby teeth are destined to fall off at certain age, they are the placeholders of the permanent ones. The baby teeth are responsible to form a structure of the permanent teeth your baby is going to have. They act as guides to the new and permanent ones.

If your child loses baby teeth quite early there are chances of overcrowding or other problems with the permanent ones. So, be careful about the baby teeth also. They are the root to the permanent ones.

paediatric dentistry Dubai
Myths- Baby Teeth
  • Cavities in baby teeth need not be treated

This one is directly based on the first myth. People feel that baby teeth are not that important and hence it is not so important to maintain their cleanliness.  The cavities in baby teeth are not a big deal.

However, this is a huge myth. Cavity problems in baby teeth can be as problematic as cavities in permanent teeth. Cavity in baby teeth not only is painful and discomforting to a child but it also leads to problems in permanent teeth. Therefore, never leave any cavity untreated since it may lead to serious infections further.

  • Proper cleaning is not required for baby teeth

To ensure that the child’s teeth is cavity free brush their teeth regularly. The moment the first teeth of the child starts coming out, you must start brushing his teeth and teaching him ways to keep their teeth healthy.

  • Small ones cannot brush their teeth properly

Not always. Even if your child says that he can brush his teeth on his own, it is your responsibility to see whether the teeth are properly cleaned or not.

Parents must co-ordinate their child in brushing their teeth so that they learn it properly. So, supervise your child well for a healthy dental hygiene.

  • No need to take your child to a doctor until permanent teeth comes

Most of the parents have this misconception however the baby teeth also need to be shown to a dentist for a proper dental health of the child.


braces and dental veneers

Whether mild, with accompanying soreness, or severe, with unbearable throbbing pain in the affected tooth or around the jaws, toothaches lead to severe distress. Causes of toothache may vary from cavities, infection, an exposed tooth root, disease of the gums, a cracked tooth, a filling of the tooth which has come out loose to even disorders of the jaw joint. This leads to the pulp, which is the central region of any tooth, becoming inflamed and irritated giving rise to toothache.

  • Combating Toothache

Though the best option, if you have toothache, is to immediately visit your regular dentist, who might have already treated you with braces or dental veneer in Dubai, there are several home remedies which you can try for relief from the pain.

  • Clove Oil

Clove oil contains eugenol, which has local anesthetic properties. So clove oil has both numbing effect as well as remarkable bacteria-killing properties making it an effective agent to combat toothache. Dabbing a pure cotton ball in clove oil and applying it on the affected tooth brings relief. The oil stings at first but then provides you blissful relief from pain, which you desperately require at that time.

  • Whole Cloves

You can also use whole cloves for a numbing effect. Put a few cloves in your mouth, moisten them till they are soft, chew them so that the oil is released and hold the chewed and softened cloves against your painful tooth for half an hour.

  • Ginger

Powder together ginger and red pepper (cayenne). Take the powdered ingredients in a cup and make a paste with water. Roll the paste into a small ball of cotton so that it is saturated and then place the ball on your aching tooth. You can also try the spices separately.

  • Peppermint Tea

Drink peppermint tea, which in addition to its numbing effect, has a nice and pleasing flavor. Steep a teaspoon of peppermint leaves that are dried, in a boiling water for 20 minutes. Swirl the tea around in your mouth. You can either spit out the tea or swallow it. This can be repeated as often as is required.

veneers in dubai
  • Salt Water

Though salt water is not a long-term providing treatment, it is one of the safest home remedies for taking care of your aching tooth. Take a glass of warm water and stir in a teaspoon of salt into it. Rinse with the solution for 30 seconds and spit it out. Repeat it as often as you can. Rinsing with salt water helps to cleanse the area around the affected tooth from the bacteria or festering pus which is responsible for the swelling.

  • Tincture of myrrh

This astringent helps to overcome inflammation. Myrrh also has bacteria-killing properties. Take a teaspoon of myrrh in 2 cups of water and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain it and allow it to cool down. Rinse with a teaspoon of the strained solution mixed with half a cup of water. Repeat the process five to six times throughout the day for relief from the throbbing ache.

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

If your infection is accompanied by fever with a foul taste in your mouth, hydrogen peroxide can be used for temporary relief which can help kill the bacteria thereby providing reprieve from the discomfort of an aching tooth. Mix equal parts of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Swish your mouth with the mixture for 30 seconds and spit it out. Rinse your mouth with plain water several times after the process.

Though these home remedies can take care of your throbbing tooth pain, they are only temporary respites. Ensure that you visit your dentist who will be able to diagnose and find out the root cause of your toothache.

Cakes Delivery in Dubai

Cake is essential in life. It is one of the most stunning, creative and tastiest thing ever created. It brings smile on our faces especially if it is the one we love. Cake is the one thing that goes in with every kind of celebration.  Birthday? You obviously need a cake. Children love cutting this big thing and having a mouthful of it. Proposing to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Cake! Cake completes your parties and serves as the perfect gift to people who have a sweet tooth and love food unconditionally.

Dubai has some of the best cake ventures around the world. They’re as creative as any other pastry chef in France or America. The fancy thing about these cakes in Dubai is that they’re customized especially for you, no matter what place you belong to. And that is amazing. Eating or ordering cakes in Dubai is so fashionable since they have the facility of Online ordering Cake Delivery too. This online cake delivery in Dubai fascinates its people and hence their sugar level is just as high as ours.

Cakes Delivery in Dubai
               Online cake delivery in Dubai

Let us bring you to some of the best cake shops in Dubai to help you choose from the best and have the sweetest occasion ever:

  1. House of Cakes Dubai – House of Cakes in Dubai specializes in the art of cake making. They serve one of the most beautiful looking and creative cakes that taste heavenly. They not only excel in cakes but cupcakes and cookies too. They prepare the best customized cakes with the facility of online delivery.
  2. Gateaux – Gateaux is known for catering its best cakes to fancy parties and celebrations all across Dubai. Pastries, tarts and desserts are its other specialties which are evenly popular.
  3. Sweet Lane Cakes – As the name suggests, Sweet Lane Cakes are the sweets cake you will ever taste increasing your blood sugar levels. This bakery is known for sending its hand crafted cakes, cupcakes and pastries.
  4. French Bakery – Extending its branches from France, French Bakery is an extended bakery family in Dubai producing some of the best chocolate cakes and ice-creams. Oh and they serve coffee too which makes it a cool place to hang out.
  5. Sugaholic Bakeshop – All you ‘sugarholic’ people obsessed with sweets must check the Sugaholic Bakeshop which is among the most popular cake shops in Dubai. It sells all bakery items like bread, cookies and specializes in cakes.
  6. Katrina Sweets and Confectionaries – Yes you read it right. Katrina is not just a bakery shop but also sells some of the best sweets for every occasion. It is one of the oldest and highly popular bakeries in Dubai.

Cake is not just a delicious delicacy but it acts as a best friend in your good and bad times.It stops you from being sad and helps you fight depression. So if you are sad, mad or happy and stay in Dubai, you know where to go or whom to call for online delivery.


Office interior Designer

Your home office is the place you keep all the important documents, which can cause quite a ruckus if went missing. That is why managing your home office properly is as important as the upkeep of the other parts of your home. You need to make sure that you have everything important at the reach of your hand in your home office, and that nothing gets entangled in an exhausting mess. Follow these tips for a well-organized home office.

  •       First of all do some planning

When you start off to organize your home office, naturally the first step would be to clean it up. But before you do that, pause for a second and think about how you are going to organize the whole office area. You need to clear the things inside the room accordingly. If you want you can resort to professionals like Creative They’ll know just what to do with the space you have. After you have come up with a neat plan, go on with your cleaning, the best place to start is your desk.

  •       Declutter

When you clean your home office you will come across things you don’t even remember owning. Never hesitate to throw things that you haven’t used since forever in the garbage. One of the main reasons home offices get so messy is the stubborn refusal of their owners to let go of the things that don’t really matter. After you have done some essential clearing that you should have done long time back, things will get a lot easier.

Office interior Designer
                     Home Office management
  •       Get a good filing cabinet

The next thing you will need is a sturdy and efficient filing cabinet that will take of all the important documents and other stationaries you have in your home office. You need to look for one that can house your stuff in an organized manner that you can easily keep track of. Come up with an organizational system that you feel most comfortable with and then start filling your filling cabinet. For more guidance you can go to

  •       Work around your desk

While organizing your home office, keeping your desk as the focal point can save you a lot of trouble in the future. This because your desk will be the place where you spend the most time at in your home office. Think about the things that you would need the most while working, and make sure that you keep all that you need near your desk at your arms’ reach. This can be an effective criterion to organize your home office. Experts in interior designing such as Creative Shelf will tell you the same.

  •       Move your personal items

Yes, you love to look at the pictures of your adorable kids or your husband every single moment. But, your home office is the place where you do your work and these can prove be quite distracting. Now, it’s not necessary to ban your personal items from your home office; just keep them off your desk. That way, you can still moon over the pictures once in a while, and still not get distracted when you are actually working.

Even if your bedroom and kitchen can afford a little mess, it is absolutely essential that you keep your home office neat and organized so that your work time is as efficient as possible. For expert advice, go to


Photography in Dubai

The present generation of our world is day by day becoming photogenic and wants to carry a professional DSLR camera with them. And there’s nothing wrong with that, except they buy a full professional camera, which has so many functions which a beginner has no idea how to use and they might not even require those features. There are features available on some digital camera which is only usable for photography studios. The photography studio in Dubai has been the one of the best photography studio, and they suggest checking your requirement first and then buying a camera according to that. There are more than 85 different camera producing companies offering several different types of digital cameras in the world today. And it’s not easy to choose which one to buy from.  Here is some help for beginners to buy a camera which fulfils their need, without wasting too much money on expensive professional cameras.

Avid photographers who want to have full creative control over their images, should only consider a digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera. These DSLR camera models offer the advanced features that beginner shooters need, and all of them are compatible with a wide range of accessories and interchangeable lenses.

Some of them are:

  • Nikon D5300: It is a lightweight DSLR camera, which provides awesome image quality with a 24.2 megapixel CMOS. It has the fastest image processor to the date. It also has a built in Wi-Fi, which enables the user to transfer files easily and quickly without any hassle. It has a 39 point auto-focus which provides clear focussed images, without any blur. It costs about $600 – $650.
  • Canon EOS 100D: This is another lightweight compact digital SLR camera. It has a high resolution 18 megapixel APS-C sensor, which enables the user to have clear and high resolution images. Contrast detection and phase detection auto-focus feature gives it a boost in beginner category and this feature also comes in handy while shooting movies. It costs just under $600.
Photography in Dubai
              Canon EOS 100D
  • Canon EOS 1200D: 1100D was a decent entry level beginner’s camera, and 1200D being its successor didn’t come up with too many new features to carry the legacy. But still, for beginners it’s one of the famous and the best buys. These include 18 megapixel sensor and Digic 4 processor. Shooting frame rate is 3 frames per second. It supports Eye-fi cards for connectivity. There is no touchscreen. It costs about $500.
  • Sony A-58: It is not an SLR camera, instead it’s an SLT (single lens translucent) camera. But don’t worry, this won’t make much difference for beginners. The EVF on this device is quite bright, clear and pretty good. Being a SLT camera, it has got few advantages over SLR’s, like accurate auto-focus during fast burst speeds. Also it can deliver up to eight frames per second, which is quite astonishing itself. It costs about $450.

The cameras mentioned above are best suited for beginners, which will boost their photography skills, at affordable prices.

Everyone wants to return to a lovely smelling house or work in an office where the aroma would make the job more pleasurable, however seldom does this happen owing to so many different things. More often than not the chemical air fresheners are seen as the easiest and most effective way to get that perfect smell.  Office is a place where many people sometimes get highly stressed and the office interior design companies of Dubai once again proved their caliber by finding the solution to this problem using the natural ways that would make any place smell like paradise. The experts of aromatherapy believe that the perfect aroma would keep you anxiety levels quite low and generate a lot of feel good hormones in the body. So before you start looking up for the best aromatherapy experts, here is al list of 5 best and simplest of natural ways to make your place smell like paradise:

  •         Herbal incense

This is probably the easiest and most effective of all ways to get that perfect smell at your place. Herbal incense is very cheap to get and it could be made at home too without too many hassles. In addition to giving that perfect smell, burning incense also adds up to the aesthetics of a place. You can get different kinds of incense with different smells and burn either just one or more than one incense at a time and the resultant outcome will be fantastic.

  •         The perfect vanilla smell

Vanilla is arguably the most popular flavour when it comes to ice-cream, however it is also quite popular because of its smell and no one ever gets bored of this smell and it generates lots of feel good vibes in a person. By simple natural methods, you can get the vanilla smell at your place. All you need to do is place a small amount of vanilla and place it in the oven for about three hours and in no time, your house will smell like that vanilla ice cream we all love and enjoy.

  •         Natural oil and homemade reed diffusers

 All you need to do is place different kinds of natural oils in a ceramic bottleneck container and then put reeds or bamboo sticks in this container and wait for the reed to soak in the oil. You will have to rotate the reeds every week so that the soaked end comes up on the top and the smell of the natural oil spreads. In addition, to the natural oil you can also add a combination of vodka and water for a nice combination of smell.

  •         Natural scents

There are numerous natural things that could be normally found in the house and used for creating the perfect and customized natural scent for you. You can use lemons, coriander, garlic and even tamarind and use combinations of these things or other things based on your choice and place them in a jar for the perfect smell. Not only would this smell good but if the color combination is good then it will look good too and add up to the beauty of the place.

  •         Olive oil candles

Last but by no means, the olive oil candles are probably the most common of all methods that could be used if you want your place smelling like heaven. It could be made at home and you cannot really go wrong with this as everyone enjoys the smell of olive oil candles.

These were just some of the many natural methods that could be brought in use to get that place smelling like a refreshing garden. Do not hesitate to experiment with these as you may come up with something better by accident!!!


Architects in Dubai

Early Beginnings

The history of mankind is basically derived from the history of Green Architecture. From the emergence of humans on the scene, relationships among man, ecology and environment were well established. It is an approach to constructing buildings, which has become more famous in the past 25-30 years. It is a method of design which deals with the minimal impact of building on the environment and therefore, also known as Sustainable Design.

Over the recent years, Dubai has evolved into a more sustainable and eco-friendly city. All credit for making Dubai such a beautiful place goes to the engineering consultancy of Dubai. Evaluating the profusion of the resident’s initiations towards a greener city shows the alertness of Dubai’s engineering consultants. Many amongst them tried to put forth various steps to make the place more sustainable and environment-friendly. They made it possible by recommending the use jute bags over plastic bags and are trying to implement this into the society of Dubai.

What is Green Architecture?

Green Architecture is generally a sustainable method of green building design which works with the concept of creating environment-friendly, energy efficient house. This procedure is followed by keeping the environment in mind while designing and constructing. Such practices significantly reduce or wipe out the negative impacts of buildings on the occupants and on the environment. This has been classified into five broad areas:

  • Conserving water and water adaptability.
  • Feasible site planning.
  • Energy productivity and renewable energy.
  • Management of materials and resources.
  • Homely environmental quality.
Architects in Dubai
                              Green Architecture

Environmental Impact of Buildings:

Buildings cause a major clash onto the environment. Given below is the percentile division of indoor effects over environment:

  • More than 36% of total primary energy use.
  • 65% of total electricity consumption.
  • 14% is by portable water.
  • 140 million tons of construction and demolition waste.
  • 42% is through raw materials used globally.

The engineering consultancy of Dubai has made it popular for its luxurious lifestyle, the immense roar in construction and also with its ability to reach milestones in the field along with Burj Khalifa. With so many types of structures and constructions that have been built, the environment’s sustainability is a major cause for the ozone layer depletion in various parts of the world. Besides environment-friendly constructions, Green Architecture also takes care of minimizing its harmful effects on human health. Dubai has got many buildings that have been erected based on eco-friendly leads such as the Emirates Towers and also the newly constructed Burj Khalifa.

Benefits of Green Building:

According to many environment concerned builders, the building practices have economic, environmental, community and health benefits. A brief description of the same has been made below.

  • Economic benefits: Boost the bottom-line.
  • Environmental benefits: Decrease the impacts of natural resource consumption.
  • Community benefits: Minimize stress on the local framework and modify the quality of life.
  • Safety and Health benefits: Intensify occupant health and comfort.

So, these environmental benefits are of huge profit for a greener and healthier environment. The ecosystems and biodiversity are protected on promoting Green Architecture. On the other hand, it also upgrades the quality of water and air, drains the solid waste and ultimately conserves natural resources. Eco-friendly buildings most often imbibe water saving