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Nothing can be better than a stunning portfolio for showcasing your talent. Portfolio is the collection of best photographs taken by a person for attracting more clients or work or just for exhibiting his/her talent. A stunning portfolio has several components and even the finest clicks are not just enough for getting it. It requires much more than just excellent clicks and superb poses.

In earlier times, portfolios were prepared using colored hard copies of the clicked pictures. But as time has changed a lot and technology has advanced surprisingly, most of the portfolios are developed using soft copies of the clicked poses. Professional  photographers in Dubai mostly go for these latest soft-form portfolios by maintaining their own personal websites for displaying them.  

There are many ways to impart splendor to your portfolio. It not only makes your portfolio much attractive than before but also brings in a lot of admirers. You will be surprised to witness the increase in your aficionados after implementing what follows :

  • Explore editing and just go for it

Editing clicked photographs adds beauty to them. Currently, there are countless editing tools available in the market, mostly as software, for making your clicks stunning and attractive than before. There is nothing that you cannot modify using these editing tools ranging from spot removal to dimension adjustment to balancing the amount of light and much more. A large number of corporate photographers in Dubai are well-acquainted with most of the editing tools available at present and use them heavily for producing their amazing works.

  • Expert advice always leads to best results

Irrespective of your talent and experience in photography and shooting, expert advice helps equally. There are certain things that only experts or others in the photography can point out for you allowing you to improve. So before showcasing any of your masterpiece, just ask for some expert advice and go after it.

  • Keep your audience in mind

Before clicking and showcasing your collections, think of your target audience. There are different people who will be watching what you have displayed. Your collection should not contain random clicks rather it must be based on certain themes. Theme based collection is more appealing and looks attractive on your wall. This is what corporate photographers in Dubai follow and enjoy huge fan following.

Dubai Photographer
                  Professional photographers in Dubai
  • Presentation has a lot to do

Awesome clicks alone cannot endow you with much. Apart from awesome clicks, you would need exceptional presentation skills to survive in this extremely competitive field. Presentation lets you focus the attention of your audience to what you would like them to see. It is your presentation that decides most of the part on how much you are going to get for your portfolios. Learn to make straight-forward, attractive and appealing presentations following the techniques used by most of the corporate photographers in Dubai.   

  • Stories are loved by all

It would be better that your portfolios convey some sort of story to the audience so that they could connect with it. For getting your audience connected with your artwork, nothing can be better than an engaging story. Stories work best to make your audience fall for your work. So try hard that your portfolio narrates something, which should obviously be complete, to your audience.


Website design


Whether it is a new site which is to be hosted or whether an old version is being upgraded, before going live, a thorough check of the designed website needs to be done. The website will now be available for viewing by the public and prospective clients or customers, as the case may be, and one has to make sure everything is correct. Web designing in Dubai has gone through a tremendous change and here are 5 things that one needs to keep in mind while launching the website:

  • Page Titles: The most important element for SEO is the page title which also gives an idea about the contents of that page to the users. It should change on every page according to the contents on that page. Any SEO done for the site should also be implemented.
  • Proof-Reading and Checking Links: The content should be proof-read many times. Text should be specific, paragraphs should be short, spellings and grammar should be without any mistakes, and clear headings should be added throughout. Care should be taken that all the images are loading properly and contact details should be correct.

One should not assume that all the links are working. Instead each link is to be checked so that there is no broken link. A common convention followed is that the logo of the company is linked to the home page.

  • Browsers: The website should work across browsers, which means that even if it isn’t picture perfect, the viewer should not face any major problems. So before making the website live, it should be checked in some of the popular browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Chrome, Opera, Safari 3, Firefox 3 and not to forget the iPhone. The website should also be checked in other computers for compatibility.
  • Loading Time: The website should not take too long to load else it will put off visitors who will move on to other sites. The configuration of the website for optimal performance is a continuous process even after launching but, a few steps could be checked before launching to ensure performance optimization. Compressing CSS and JavaScript files, image optimization for the web and reduction of HTTP requests are some of the measures that can be taken before launching the website for the pages to be loaded fast and prevent the usage of more server resources.
  • Terms and Conditions: Before making the website live, one should make sure that any terms and conditions, copyright and privacy that need to be there have been included.

A website which has been designed and made live will need constant changes to adapt to the changing situations and regular maintenance and up gradation will be required. But meticulously checking and making sure that the website is perfect before it is made live will show reliability and encourage visitors to surf the site


CCTV cameras or otherwise known as closed circuit television cameras are very essential components that are widely brought in use to monitor and for the surveillance of the critical areas. Some of the most popular places where these are widely brought in use are schools, offices, hospitals, hotels and homes. The importance of these cameras has especially grown in home planning because a home is after all the the  most important part of anybody’s life because a secure home means safe family members. If we were to consider the example of CCTV companies in Dubai, then it is easily apparent that eve these companies are laying more stress on coming up with new and more effective cameras that could be used in homes. There are multiple benefits of CCTV cameras that have slowly turned it into a basic requirement for home planning. Let us look at some of these factors:

  • Security

Regardless of where you are in office or on a holiday, you can monitor the activities of your house from your Smartphone or laptop. Thus even while staying away from the home, you can guarantee its security. Also if there is some negative activity going on you will find it out immediately and can then take action. Thus CCTV cameras give you a chance to ensure the security of the house without disrupting your work or plans.

CCTV companies in Dubai
  • Video Recording

The CCTV cameras record everything and hence if you want to find something out or enquire about something that happened in the recent past you can easily go through these recordings. Thus even if there is a theft, you can very easily find out about the thief from these videos and the footage can serve the purpose of an evidence. This feature is very important as it is not possible for a person to stay constantly glued to the monitor and hence with the help of these footages you can always check out what you missed so as to be assured that everything is ok.

  • Constant surveillance

These cameras give you constant surveillance of the house and thus if you are a housewife or a single father you need to ensure that even when you are working everything is going on smoothly in the house. So while you are away you can ensure that your child’s nanny or babysitter is doing her job efficiently or that the cook is making food on time and the guard is not sleeping or roaming around. Hence it give you chance to ensure constant surveillance on your home.

There are numerous things that could highlight the importance of CCTV cameras for home planning. Thus even though some of us might perceive it to be an expense investment that might be overlooked the case is not so, as overlooking this expense might mean ignoring the safety of your family. So do not take this safety and security for granted and do the needful by getting the best CCTV cameras for your homes.


Top interior design comapnies

A kitchen is probably the most important section of your home as this is the place where the delicious food is cooked every day. Any cons in this section of the house could have multiple effects on your food and health in ways you cannot imagine. The importance of this is clearly apparent from the effort of  the top interior designing companies of Dubai or New York or Tokyo put in while designing the kitchen section of their projects. If the kitchen is not in a proper condition, the cook will not enjoy making food wholeheartedly and this will, affect your food, appetite and the  health. So it is highly advisable to keep the following things in mind the next time you go revamping your kitchen:


  • Modify the hardware

The most important part of any kitchen is the hardware that you frequently bring in use like the shelves, the knobs, drawers and the hinges. While you are revamping your kitchen do your best to get the best quality of this hardware and get them installed in your kitchen. This will not only help you, in doing everything in the kitchen with a lot of ease but also make other aspects of revamping quite easy.

  • Choose the appliances

After you are done with the modification of the basic hardware the next thing to do is buying the appliances that are essential for cooking in the kitchen. Now you should always have an idea of the appliances that you will be using in the kitchen before the designing process begins, so that you may design around these because this will be easier compared to placing the appliances in an already designed kitchen. This could be easily understood with the example of cabinets because designing the cabinets would be very easy if you knew what kind of appliance you will be putting in it. Also all the appliances should have ample space around them because then it will be easier to work on them. For example, you should never put a stove in a corner as that will prohibit you from turning the pot placed on the stove.

Top interior design comapnies

  • The ceiling of the kitchen

While designing the kitchen, it is imperative that you ensure the kitchen ceiling is at an appropriate height. This is because if the ceiling is too low then you might have a suffocating feeling every time you cook as there won’t be ample space for the circulation of air. Also designs on the ceiling should match with the décor of the kitchen and the overall design of the house so that it appears in sync.

  • Proper lights

The lights are a very important part of any kitchen because in a dim light not only  it would be very difficult and annoying to cook and cut the vegetables but it could also decrease the hygiene level as something could fall in the food and you might not even notice. Hence use ample amount of lighting in the kitchen.

  • Paint the kitchen

Last but not the least, pick the colors that are refreshing and soothing  for  the walls of the kitchen. This will not only enhance the overall look of the kitchen but would also create the perfect ambience to cook and to eat.

Now that you are qualified and equipped with a good amount of knowledge that would assist you in revamping your kitchen get ready and stylize it.

Dubai interior designers

The cold winter nights, the hot summer afternoons and the rainy evenings are the things that make us realize the importance of a cozy living room. The more comfortable and warm a room is,  the cozier can it be called. Thus it would not be wrong to say that the interior designers are highly empowered as they have a great opportunity to make any room cozy with their ideas. Though this may be a daunting task as what one person finds comfortable may be peculiar to somebody else, some of the best professionals like the Dubai interior designers have successfully showed that if done right,  how beautiful and deeply satisfying can the end result be. Some of the key factors that must be kept in mind in order to make the living room more cozy are:

  •  Well chosen colors

A proper choice of colors needs to be made for getting a touch of sophistication, style and coziness. The walls should be painted in such a way that they match the sofas and all furniture and lightings placed in the room. The use of earthly colors has lately become quite popular. In addition to this the technique of two tone walls is very good for making a big living room cozy as if the walls are painted half way up with one color and the second color matches that of the wall, then it gives the feeling that even in a large room the walls are lower. This is a very popular technique among the interior designers of Dubai.

Dubai interior designers


  • Reading Book

Probably for most of us, the first image that pops up in our mind when we hear the word cozy is that of curling on the couch with a book and taking a sip of some good coffee. Therefore, adding a bookshelf, preferably antique, in the living room, well equipped with the collection of some of the best books could help in creating a cozy vibe.

  • Potted plants

Potted plants are excellent placeholders and fillers for the vacant corners of the room or to fill in the gaps created because of tall ceilings. Also these plants give a touch of the natural beauty and the green color matches perfectly with the colors on the wall. Hence, whenever you find a vacant place, put a plant there. However, you or your interior designer may have to read some botany and find out which plants should or could actually be placed in your room!!!

  • Create the ambiance with proper lighting

The use of proper sources of lights like lamps, dimmable light sources or ceiling shade may play a big role in adding coziness to the ambiance. Also the lights should be placed in such a way that they highlight the colors used.

We spend a major portion of our time in the living room as this is the place where we spend some alone time or chat with friends and family or watch a movie or even play some games. Thus, it is all the more important that their coziness is maintained because only then can we feel comfortable and enjoy our time with ease.


interior designing

Hotels are the place where people stay when they travel. Thus, it is all the more important that it gives the comfort of the home and also adds to the excitement of travelling this is why hospitality projects are very important. Every year Dubai sees a huge influx of travelers and that is why luxury interior design in Dubai is a thing of high prominence. The interior designers are expected to add the luxury, comfort and the excitement to these hotels. The factor of luxury is now seen to encompass many things.


  • Furniture pieces

The first thing that the interior designers consider while working on a hospitality project is the furniture pieces. This is what contributes most to the beauty of the hotel. These furniture pieces speak volumes about the place and add to the décor of the place. The theme and mood of the hotel is also set by the furniture pieces. Thus this forms a very important part of the evaluations while working on a hospitality project.


  • Color choices

Colors are responsible for setting the mood of a place. This in a way prompts mood swing in a person. So in the bedroom the designers prefer to choose light colors, whereas in a club the colors would inspire energy and vigor with strong colors. This therefore,  is very important aspect of evaluation process. Colors are probably the easiest of the ways to add sophistication to a hotel. However a wrong choice could prove to be inimical too and thus it is highly important that the interior decorators pay special attention to this.


  • Ornamentation

Ornamentation and other auxiliary elements help in increasing the luxury quotient of a place. This is probably the part of interior designing that requires the highest level of detailing. The interior designers are supposed to display good imagination skills and vision to decide what should be placing where. For example: no guest would like destructive pictures or very shining and dominating objects in the bedroom. However, if placed in the clubs it could do wonders.


  • Security

One cannot enjoy luxury without security and this is why it forms the base of any hospitality project. This is because nobody would want to stay in a hotel where the security is so bad that despite having fun there are chances of bad stuff happening. Adaptation of security is like adding the final and the most important touch to a hotel. Thus while making a plan for a hospitality project the interior designers pay special attention to the security aspect. Now you must be wondering what the  designers would do for the security of a place. Well the answer is simple and important. The guests do not exactly want the CCTV cameras always moving over their head. Neither do they want any kind of disturbance in their fun. It is the duty of the  designer to make sure that the security systems are placed in a conservative manner. In addition to this the interior designers also see to it that a touch of good aesthetics is added to these systems so that in the beauty of the luxurious hotels it does not come up as a thorn.

Thus, there is a wide assortment of things that the interior designers evaluate while working on a hospitality project. So it would not be wrong to say that a lot of sweat is put into adding that luxury, sophistication, beauty and style into the hotels.