Cake is essential in life. It is one of the most stunning, creative and tastiest thing ever created. It brings smile on our faces especially if it is the one we love. Cake is the one thing that goes in with every kind of celebration.  Birthday? You obviously need a cake. Children love cutting this big thing and having a mouthful of it. Proposing to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Cake! Cake completes your parties and serves as the perfect gift to people who have a sweet tooth and love food unconditionally.

Dubai has some of the best cake ventures around the world. They’re as creative as any other pastry chef in France or America. The fancy thing about these cakes in Dubai is that they’re customized especially for you, no matter what place you belong to. And that is amazing. Eating or ordering cakes in Dubai is so fashionable since they have the facility of Online ordering Cake Delivery too. This online cake delivery in Dubai fascinates its people and hence their sugar level is just as high as ours.

Cakes Delivery in Dubai
               Online cake delivery in Dubai

Let us bring you to some of the best cake shops in Dubai to help you choose from the best and have the sweetest occasion ever:

  1. House of Cakes Dubai – House of Cakes in Dubai specializes in the art of cake making. They serve one of the most beautiful looking and creative cakes that taste heavenly. They not only excel in cakes but cupcakes and cookies too. They prepare the best customized cakes with the facility of online delivery.
  2. Gateaux – Gateaux is known for catering its best cakes to fancy parties and celebrations all across Dubai. Pastries, tarts and desserts are its other specialties which are evenly popular.
  3. Sweet Lane Cakes – As the name suggests, Sweet Lane Cakes are the sweets cake you will ever taste increasing your blood sugar levels. This bakery is known for sending its hand crafted cakes, cupcakes and pastries.
  4. French Bakery – Extending its branches from France, French Bakery is an extended bakery family in Dubai producing some of the best chocolate cakes and ice-creams. Oh and they serve coffee too which makes it a cool place to hang out.
  5. Sugaholic Bakeshop – All you ‘sugarholic’ people obsessed with sweets must check the Sugaholic Bakeshop which is among the most popular cake shops in Dubai. It sells all bakery items like bread, cookies and specializes in cakes.
  6. Katrina Sweets and Confectionaries – Yes you read it right. Katrina is not just a bakery shop but also sells some of the best sweets for every occasion. It is one of the oldest and highly popular bakeries in Dubai.

Cake is not just a delicious delicacy but it acts as a best friend in your good and bad times.It stops you from being sad and helps you fight depression. So if you are sad, mad or happy and stay in Dubai, you know where to go or whom to call for online delivery.


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