Materials used for construction are called building materials. Natural products like clay, sand, wood and some human-made products are used for construction. Building material and its quality are the most important aspect construction work. The type of architecture and the structure formed depends on the quality of building material used.The building materials in Dubai enhance the visual quality of any structure. Good quality construction materials provide visual appeal to the structure. 

Building materials- Importance

Importance of Building Materials can be identified by the following functions they perform:

  • Construction materials decide the visual quality and stability of the structure to be constructed.
  • Only by knowing the construction materials being used, the appropriate technique for construction can be decided.
  • Construction materials help to recognize the time of construction of a building.
  • Construction materials determine the budget of a structure.
  • Availability of the type construction materials determines the type of structure that can be made.

Building materials can be natural like mud and clay. Mud bricks and clay combined with straw can be used as construction material. Wet laid walls are made using clay or mud mixture. Clay provides thermal mass, and thus it maintains a constant temperature. Walls made of clay keep the room cooler as compared to other construction materials. Sand is also used for construction. Sand with cement or lime is used to make mortar for plaster. Wood is another important construction material used since ages. Wood is used as construction material in areas prone to earthquake.

Different types of materials used for constructing buildings

Man made products like cement and concrete are the modern day construction materials. Concrete is made by mixing aggregate and a binder such as cement. Concrete has low tensile strength and hence steel bars are used to improve its strength. Fabric, foam, glass, gypcrete are some other synthetic materials that can be used for construction.

Choosing a good building material in Dubai

From simple buildings to the majestic structures, construction materials form the baseee for everything. Apart from choosing the construction material, choosing the best supplier for construction material is also an important step. Choosing a good supplier helps you get the best quality materials at reasonable prices. Poor quality materials can lead to accidents that can cause loss of lives.

The building materials in Dubai enhance the visual quality of any structure. Good quality construction materials provide visual appeal to the structure. The building materials in Dubai highlight the theme and concept of architecture. The beauty of a structure depends on the relationship between endurance of a structure and its technical and structural aspects. Construction materials establish these relationships. Choose the best that is available on the market if you are looking to increase the durability of the building that you are constructing.Click Here for more information about building material