Curtains are one of the most important products of your room. Choice of the perfect curtain fabric must be made wisely with a fresh mind. It may be a time-consuming process since opinions and suggestions from others may vary. Since investment which you make in curtains is going to stay with you for a long term, so you should think twice before finalizing one.

Find some useful tips which can make your decision easy. Choose the perfect curtains in Dubai, which not only suits the décor of your room but is also perfect according to the seasons.

5 tips to choose the perfect fabric for your curtain

  •   Keeping sunlight in mind

For rooms, which are more prone to sunlight, choose thick quality curtains. The thick fabric of the curtains is going to prevent the sunlight from reaching your room directly. While for the rooms which are shady, choose light ones who ensure enough sunlight in the room and also maintain the privacy.

  • Privacy for bedrooms

For bedrooms, there is no concept of light and dark. Here, you need to keep in mind the privacy of the room. Choose such fabric, which ensures privacy and prevents direct sunlight as well. So, choose dark fabric which gives your bedroom a cozy and comfortable look.

  • Water resistant curtains for bathrooms

For bathrooms, again you need to keep few things in mind. The curtains you choose for your bathrooms must be opaque. And also choose a water-resistant fabric for bathrooms; otherwise, the normal fabric may get destroyed in some time. Water resistant curtains are perfect for bathrooms.

curtains in Dubai
curtains in Dubai


  • Never choose colorful ones

Do not experiment with the colors much, as the colors may fade with time. The colorful curtains lose their color after few washes. Direct sunlight also takes away the color of the curtains. So, be careful while choosing the colors. Colorful curtains may show inconsistent patterns after being washed.

  •   Be careful while choosing silk curtains

In case, you want to have curtains made of silk fabric, make sure that the curtains are not exposed to direct sunlight. Strong sunlight degrades the durability of the curtain which in turn tears off easily.

Therefore, keep the aforementioned tips in mind for long lasting and beautiful curtains. It has a broad range of different styles of fabrics of curtains. Along with curtains, they have a huge variety of curtain rods in Dubai from which you can choose the best ones according to your taste.