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Over the years, hotels have changed a lot in many ways, be it interiors, food or services. Earlier, hotel interiors were designed to look like homes so that they give off a familiar and comfortable feeling. But now, creativity is the main thing. Hoteliers now wish to have a unique selling point, something that makes them stand out among all. And having such unique and different interiors is made simple and easy with the help of quality fit-out services by Dubai’s leading fit-outs service provider Subgate Interiors Design and Contracting.

hotel interior

Subgate Interiors Design and Contracting is the fit-out service provider which can transform your dream project into reality. It has more than 90 years of collective experience and has delivered various ‘class-apart’ commercial, residential, educational and hospitality projects. Here we present to you some hotel interior fit-out designs and ideas that can really help you get some insight.

Indoor plants: You can incorporate various indoor and flowering plants into your hotel’s interior design. This way, you can easily add variation to the color scheme along with other benefits. You can also choose from climbers, bonsai, etc to suite and compliment your interiors.

Large windows: Another good idea for interior design is to create have large windows or to create an illusion of large windows. This helps in giving a feel of big space. U can also incorporate accentuating lights into the design idea to add to the effect.

Dining and waiting area: The dining and waiting areas need to be very large so that other noises get dimmed out in the big space. You can also consider a limited number of private dining areas if your guests often wish to have one. As for the waiting area, you can have some fun puzzles, fun-fact books or other such engaging stuff and games apart from usual magazines and newspapers.

Sync is the key: From reception to washrooms, no area of your hotel shall look out of sync. The design pattern and idea shall get reflected at each place and every corner. Even the furniture, flooring and uniform of staff shall be as per the theme you wish to create in your hotel.
Subgate Interior Design and Contracting is a leading fit-outs service provider in Dubai that has delivered cutting-edge projects like commercial and retail complexes, residential spaces, cafes and much more.

Unmatched development and architectural advancements in a brief timeframe have empowered Dubai to end up the travel and business center point of Middle East. Stunning constructions Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa, and Palm Islands have made it one of the Top cities in the World. Most of the private and business interior firms across the globe have set up their own measures to enhance interiors of houses and business spaces to give agreeable design. Temperature and climatic conditions incredibly influence the design patterns of any city. Being situated on Arabian deserts temperature is high in Dubai amid the day and particularly in the summer.

Dubai is a blend of different societies. Individuals from all sides of the world visit this city for various reasons. Keeping Different Cultures in mind, Emirate’s engineers and interior designers plan the constructing and revamping private and business spaces without affecting the image of comfort and luxury associated with the Emirate. The fact is that patterns keep changing very often, but most of the people usually follow certain basic types of interior design themes with corrections and changes. Adjusting the basic parts like colors, lighting and furniture are done to maintain freshness in designs. Interiors of your home or office will effectively show the state of mind and personality of inhabitants. That is the reason it is important to decorate your house and office space in a way to create a positive image.

Architectural Advancements
Architectural Advancements

Designers give careful consideration on the ornamentation of their resorts, lodgings, estates, single-family houses and apartments to give a lavish way of life and enhancements to their customers. Business and retail outlets have additionally been enhanced to give best in class Feel. The truth is interior designing has turned into an industry in the city. Like different other commercial enterprises, interior design patterns are continuously evolving. Individuals follow the latest trends like fashion. Widely implemented interior design trends in Dubai are:

Classic Interior Design Theme – This is inspired by Greek and Romans.

Modern Interior Design Theme –This is evolved from Mid of Century.