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Your home office is the place you keep all the important documents, which can cause quite a ruckus if went missing. That is why managing your home office properly is as important as the upkeep of the other parts of your home. You need to make sure that you have everything important at the reach of your hand in your home office, and that nothing gets entangled in an exhausting mess. Follow these tips for a well-organized home office.

  •       First of all do some planning

When you start off to organize your home office, naturally the first step would be to clean it up. But before you do that, pause for a second and think about how you are going to organize the whole office area. You need to clear the things inside the room accordingly. If you want you can resort to professionals like Creative They’ll know just what to do with the space you have. After you have come up with a neat plan, go on with your cleaning, the best place to start is your desk.

  •       Declutter

When you clean your home office you will come across things you don’t even remember owning. Never hesitate to throw things that you haven’t used since forever in the garbage. One of the main reasons home offices get so messy is the stubborn refusal of their owners to let go of the things that don’t really matter. After you have done some essential clearing that you should have done long time back, things will get a lot easier.

Office interior Designer
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  •       Get a good filing cabinet

The next thing you will need is a sturdy and efficient filing cabinet that will take of all the important documents and other stationaries you have in your home office. You need to look for one that can house your stuff in an organized manner that you can easily keep track of. Come up with an organizational system that you feel most comfortable with and then start filling your filling cabinet. For more guidance you can go to

  •       Work around your desk

While organizing your home office, keeping your desk as the focal point can save you a lot of trouble in the future. This because your desk will be the place where you spend the most time at in your home office. Think about the things that you would need the most while working, and make sure that you keep all that you need near your desk at your arms’ reach. This can be an effective criterion to organize your home office. Experts in interior designing such as Creative Shelf will tell you the same.

  •       Move your personal items

Yes, you love to look at the pictures of your adorable kids or your husband every single moment. But, your home office is the place where you do your work and these can prove be quite distracting. Now, it’s not necessary to ban your personal items from your home office; just keep them off your desk. That way, you can still moon over the pictures once in a while, and still not get distracted when you are actually working.

Even if your bedroom and kitchen can afford a little mess, it is absolutely essential that you keep your home office neat and organized so that your work time is as efficient as possible. For expert advice, go to


Everyone wants to return to a lovely smelling house or work in an office where the aroma would make the job more pleasurable, however seldom does this happen owing to so many different things. More often than not the chemical air fresheners are seen as the easiest and most effective way to get that perfect smell.  Office is a place where many people sometimes get highly stressed and the office interior design companies of Dubai once again proved their caliber by finding the solution to this problem using the natural ways that would make any place smell like paradise. The experts of aromatherapy believe that the perfect aroma would keep you anxiety levels quite low and generate a lot of feel good hormones in the body. So before you start looking up for the best aromatherapy experts, here is al list of 5 best and simplest of natural ways to make your place smell like paradise:

  •         Herbal incense

This is probably the easiest and most effective of all ways to get that perfect smell at your place. Herbal incense is very cheap to get and it could be made at home too without too many hassles. In addition to giving that perfect smell, burning incense also adds up to the aesthetics of a place. You can get different kinds of incense with different smells and burn either just one or more than one incense at a time and the resultant outcome will be fantastic.

  •         The perfect vanilla smell

Vanilla is arguably the most popular flavour when it comes to ice-cream, however it is also quite popular because of its smell and no one ever gets bored of this smell and it generates lots of feel good vibes in a person. By simple natural methods, you can get the vanilla smell at your place. All you need to do is place a small amount of vanilla and place it in the oven for about three hours and in no time, your house will smell like that vanilla ice cream we all love and enjoy.

  •         Natural oil and homemade reed diffusers

 All you need to do is place different kinds of natural oils in a ceramic bottleneck container and then put reeds or bamboo sticks in this container and wait for the reed to soak in the oil. You will have to rotate the reeds every week so that the soaked end comes up on the top and the smell of the natural oil spreads. In addition, to the natural oil you can also add a combination of vodka and water for a nice combination of smell.

  •         Natural scents

There are numerous natural things that could be normally found in the house and used for creating the perfect and customized natural scent for you. You can use lemons, coriander, garlic and even tamarind and use combinations of these things or other things based on your choice and place them in a jar for the perfect smell. Not only would this smell good but if the color combination is good then it will look good too and add up to the beauty of the place.

  •         Olive oil candles

Last but by no means, the olive oil candles are probably the most common of all methods that could be used if you want your place smelling like heaven. It could be made at home and you cannot really go wrong with this as everyone enjoys the smell of olive oil candles.

These were just some of the many natural methods that could be brought in use to get that place smelling like a refreshing garden. Do not hesitate to experiment with these as you may come up with something better by accident!!!