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Teaching healthy habits to your kid during his childhood is going to stay with him throughout his life. Their baby teeth are undoubtedly temporary but these are responsible to pave the way towards the permanent teeth.

Hence, teach your baby proper dental hygiene so that they take care of their teeth throughout their life in the same way.

But people around the world have developed lots of myths about the teeth of their baby. However, these myths must be ignored for a happy teeth and good health. In case you want to research more on baby teeth, you can click here.

The myths about baby teeth which every parent must know

Here, you find a list of the most popular myths parents have about baby teeth. Go through them since it gives you an insight about how to take care of your baby’s teeth.

  • Since baby teeth are not permanent ones, they are not that important for the child

Not at all, although the baby teeth are destined to fall off at certain age, they are the placeholders of the permanent ones. The baby teeth are responsible to form a structure of the permanent teeth your baby is going to have. They act as guides to the new and permanent ones.

If your child loses baby teeth quite early there are chances of overcrowding or other problems with the permanent ones. So, be careful about the baby teeth also. They are the root to the permanent ones.

paediatric dentistry Dubai
Myths- Baby Teeth
  • Cavities in baby teeth need not be treated

This one is directly based on the first myth. People feel that baby teeth are not that important and hence it is not so important to maintain their cleanliness.  The cavities in baby teeth are not a big deal.

However, this is a huge myth. Cavity problems in baby teeth can be as problematic as cavities in permanent teeth. Cavity in baby teeth not only is painful and discomforting to a child but it also leads to problems in permanent teeth. Therefore, never leave any cavity untreated since it may lead to serious infections further.

  • Proper cleaning is not required for baby teeth

To ensure that the child’s teeth is cavity free brush their teeth regularly. The moment the first teeth of the child starts coming out, you must start brushing his teeth and teaching him ways to keep their teeth healthy.

  • Small ones cannot brush their teeth properly

Not always. Even if your child says that he can brush his teeth on his own, it is your responsibility to see whether the teeth are properly cleaned or not.

Parents must co-ordinate their child in brushing their teeth so that they learn it properly. So, supervise your child well for a healthy dental hygiene.

  • No need to take your child to a doctor until permanent teeth comes

Most of the parents have this misconception however the baby teeth also need to be shown to a dentist for a proper dental health of the child.