Along with other items for decoration, you can also use different sizes and varieties of mirrors to decorate your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal. There are many customized designs which you can also get, and Huzefa glass will provide you with one such variety which can instantly change the entire interior decoration of your rooms. If you are a resident of Dubai, and if you want glass partitions to be installed in your home, then Huzefa glass can find a glass partition in Dubai to decorate your bedroom or living rooms.If you put the mirrors in the right places, then they will not just reflect light, but they will also make your rooms look larger and spacious. In this connection, you can mix and match both traditional and contemporary mirror designs to suit the style of your interiors.

Glass partition in Dubai
                Glass partition in Dubai

5 common tips to decorate your room with mirrors:

  • It is important to position the mirror behind the light source: It is always suggested to place the mirrors behind the source of light. There can be various lights like pendant lamps, chain lights and bedside lamps, and to get the maximum intensity of the light, you need to put the lights behind the mirror.
  • You can create a mirror wall to accentuate the room décor: Instead of decorating all the walls with mirrors of different sizes, you can simply put a large mirror or a collection of different mirrors as a wall structure. You can also simply use multiple mirrors of small and medium size, and install them on one part of the wall, to create the effect of a separate wall. You can use antique mirrors, framed mirrors and also mirrors with frills and golden borders to enhance the decorative effect of the interior. 
  • If you do not have much space, then you can use a floor-length mirror: It is very important to place a floor length mirror inside your room, if you have a scarcity of space. There are many interior designers available, who can also advise you regarding the type of mirror that you need to install.
  • Install mirrors on glass tabletops to create an illusion of more space: You can install mirrors on table tops, or near the windows to make your room look larger and the things inside the room will also look more evenly distributed.
  • You can also use mirrors on bedsteads: To accentuate the look of the rooms, you can also use mirrors on the bedsteads.

There are many ways in which you can maximize the use of mirrors in everyday life, and for decorative tips and installation of partition in Dubai you can also go through books and manuals of home and interior designs.