Pets are always the most favored and loved partner in our life. They reciprocate much more love and affection than we give to them, due to this the urge of making them happy is always there in our mind, but due to lack of ideas we are unable to do the same properly. This guide will help you with creative ways to design your pet home.

The ideas of designing a pet home will depend on either your pet is staying at home or your pet has a separate home in your lawn or garden or inside.

  • Safe: – If you pet is having a separate house outside in lawn or garden, make sure that the house is safe for the from various factors like rains, heat or other like stray dogs or snakes or insects etc. Make sure to have the option to leash your dog near the house as you will not want for a searching trip early in the morning.
  • Comfortable: – As we all love comfort, our pets too and deserves also. While making or putting the house, check carefully that there are no sharp objects inside it like a nail or others and do regular checks. Put a comfortable rug inside the house  which is easily available at Dubai Pets food, the best pet shops in Dubai.
  • Use the Unused: – In your free time find out the places which are not at all used, like the place beneath the dressing table or cupboard. Instead of placing the rug on the floor, you can use that place as a sleeping zone for your pet. Like, make a fixed eating place fitted with the feeding bowl (Removable) for your dog in the unused places. Just get the best Dubai Pets food and pour into the bowl.
  • Things to avoid: – As we all know pets will obviously shed a lot of hairs, be cat or dog and they will also soil the house sometimes and scratch with their nails. Try having a hard surface at least in the pet occupied room. Choosing Stone, ceramic tiles or laminate flooring and even painted flooring is the best idea.
  • Pet Carpets: – You will find your pet lying on the floor at the maximum time of the day, that’s their best way to pass time and they love it. You also love it but can’t, what to do. So it’s suggested to get a pet carpet as it will be comfortable to them and also non-slippery. Avoid light colors and to strike a balance with the home décor use the same linen cover as it is in your sofa and chairs.

Always try covering the most favored place for your pet like the sofa or your bed with some dark sheets to avoid stains and damage. Although, these are just the luxury designing for your pet, the most important thing that they ask for is your love and affection and don’t forget to give them a lot.