Are you planning to come up with your own partitions for you living room or the dining area? Congratulations for the unique idea. It is the latest trend to have creatively designed partition walls in Dubai by Huzefa Glass. This gives a very new look to your place and with some good ideas, you could also make it more useful. We are sure that you have an idea of what to do. Now, here is an article to help you out with the same.

We have prepared a list of best ideas for partition walls. Read on and make an informed choice.


  • Add plants

This is an ideal solution for those who are on a tight budget. All you will have to do is to use plants to make partitions or a divide in the room. These indoor plants would not only be a great creative way to decorate your room, but they will also bring about a new aura. The whole thing would be a great interior statement.

Partition wall
  • Try Half-walls

Another ideal solution is to try out the half-wall style. It is trending and appreciable too. Interior designers who suggest partition walls in Dubai say that too many walls make a room look small and crampeled. You can go for half walls that separate a room while keeping the whole element together. You can also enhance it with beaming half walls and beaded curtains. This arrangement lets in a lot of air and light while still keeping the room separated.


  • Add sliding doors

Sliding doors are fun and using them to make a partition would be a terrific idea. Glass sliding doors make even better dividers because they make the room bigger. If privacy is not the only reason why you want the division then you can try out the slat sliding doors. They are more elegant in appearance.


  • Go for panels

If building up a whole wall is not an option for you then you could go for something that is more subtle like a wall panel. This is much more elegant and also very appealing to look at. There are many different variations in these panels and therefore, you can find something that suits your imagination perfectly.

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