Whether it is a new site which is to be hosted or whether an old version is being upgraded, before going live, a thorough check of the designed website needs to be done. The website will now be available for viewing by the public and prospective clients or customers, as the case may be, and one has to make sure everything is correct. Web designing in Dubai has gone through a tremendous change and here are 5 things that one needs to keep in mind while launching the website:

  • Page Titles: The most important element for SEO is the page title which also gives an idea about the contents of that page to the users. It should change on every page according to the contents on that page. Any SEO done for the site should also be implemented.
  • Proof-Reading and Checking Links: The content should be proof-read many times. Text should be specific, paragraphs should be short, spellings and grammar should be without any mistakes, and clear headings should be added throughout. Care should be taken that all the images are loading properly and contact details should be correct.

One should not assume that all the links are working. Instead each link is to be checked so that there is no broken link. A common convention followed is that the logo of the company is linked to the home page.

  • Browsers: The website should work across browsers, which means that even if it isn’t picture perfect, the viewer should not face any major problems. So before making the website live, it should be checked in some of the popular browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Chrome, Opera, Safari 3, Firefox 3 and not to forget the iPhone. The website should also be checked in other computers for compatibility.
  • Loading Time: The website should not take too long to load else it will put off visitors who will move on to other sites. The configuration of the website for optimal performance is a continuous process even after launching but, a few steps could be checked before launching to ensure performance optimization. Compressing CSS and JavaScript files, image optimization for the web and reduction of HTTP requests are some of the measures that can be taken before launching the website for the pages to be loaded fast and prevent the usage of more server resources.
  • Terms and Conditions: Before making the website live, one should make sure that any terms and conditions, copyright and privacy that need to be there have been included.

A website which has been designed and made live will need constant changes to adapt to the changing situations and regular maintenance and up gradation will be required. But meticulously checking and making sure that the website is perfect before it is made live will show reliability and encourage visitors to surf the site

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