Pests infesting the place can cause great damage to your households, offices or gardens. They spread diseases such as rabies along with contamination of food and destroying homes. When not controlled, they can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, controlling such pests has become an extremely important process led to the rise of pest control in Dubai. It also helps in bird control in Dubai.

Pest control has two main types, namely, chemical and natural. Natural pest control makes use of organic and biological materials, and chemical process makes use of chemical pesticides. Both these methods help in managing the pest infestation. It is important to research well before you choose the best method for your premises, say especially for the pest control in Dubai.

Natural pest control methods

Natural methods are used to effectively eliminate pests without harming humans, crops, and other organisms. These methods employ natural and organic materials in controlling the infestation such as other organisms like plants or insects. In an agricultural environment, cultivating insects or small animals which feed on the pests is a common method. This method has no harmful effects on humans, pets or livestock, making it a favorable way to control pests.


  1. They do not harm the environment, people or animals.
  2. They do not emit harmful toxins that harm the ozone layer.
  3. They stay active for a long time which makes them cost-effective and environment-friendly.


  1. They take a long time to give results.
  2. They are expensive.

Chemical pest control methods

Chemical pest control methods employ chemicals and pesticides. This method is more effective in instantly eliminating pesticides than the natural method. They can be directly applied on the affected crops or can be air sprayed on all the cultivation. This method has harmful effects on both humans and animals nearby. Due to this, exercise caution while using chemical pesticides to keep the damages to the minimum.


  1. They are readily available in the market.
  2. They are comparatively easy to use and are less expensive.
  3. They give instant results right after application on the crop.


  1. They harm pests but also harm beneficial organisms that help the crop grow.
  2. They release harmful toxins which harm the environment and deplete the ozone layer.
  3. They enter the food chain and badly affect the health of people especially children and senior citizens.

Like any other city, Dubai also has a lot of pests. Different types of ants, flies, mosquitoes, termites, and rodents are there in Dubai, and this is the reason why pest control in Dubai is very popular. To control the infestation, National Pest Control is one of the most effective to be organizations in the city.

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